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How are you, my dear, I have come, taking the second article for you, in this article, I will tell you about something more special, And some other vegetarians will also tell you about it, but you will have a complaint from the people, You are not sending feedback, if you send feedback and tell good or bad about this article, So I'll be able to make some improvements in the next article, So please give us your precious time and tell us about the article, our Karol Bagh Call Girl is eagerly waiting for your feedback.

Today I'm describing some new dish which is below.

Onigiri:- this is most popular snack in japan, method of to make this dish, This is the food prepared by the rice, in which the rice is first boiled, And inside it is filled with vegetables or meat, And then it is cooked well, You can put spicy vegetables and meats inside it, This meal is very tasty, because you can make it according to your taste,

Udon:- udon is thicj noodle and this is made by flour, this is commonly tyle and most famous noodle in japan, It is cooked and served with soy sauce, You can eat it hot or cold in any way, This is a fast-prepared dish, it likes students and bachlor very much,

Soba:-  This is also a type of noodle prepared by buckwheat, This is also a fast food, which people use more at the time of evening breakfasts, You can serve it with any type of sauce, This is a kind of delicious dish, which people eat very much.

Gyudon:- It is prepared with meat and beef, mixing it with the meat of the rice is fry and then it is served with a tomato sauce.

Japan is a very popular place for Indians, so people go there every year, But most Indians do not like meat, Indians are vegetarian, and the availability of vegetarianism in Japan is nominal, Therefore, people of India go to Japan and fend their food, they do not get the food they like, , But I will tell you about some dishes that are vegetarian and also delicious,

Tempura:- These are fried veg items such as fried to deep in butter, These items are easily available in Japan and you will be found in every restaurant, But keep one thing in mind that you specifically ask them for vegetarian items, Otherwise you can get meat,

Zaru Soba:- I have told you about it in the previous article, so read the previous article, If you talk about a little analogy, then this is a type of noodle which is eaten with soy sauce, We and the Karol Bagh Call Girl eat it specially

Ramen:- You may also have read this in the previous article, This is a classical noodle soup which is made by mixing it with vegetables, this noodle is very festive, in Japan.

Miso Soup:- These dish is also prepared by the vegetables, but you will be told first, You can use it as a breakfast and lunch, Add paneer, onion and other vegetables to cook it,

Okonomiyaki:- This is one type of bak item, such as pizzas, it is like this, green vegetables and noodles are mixed together, It is good for tourists to eat because they are enough to feed, The Karol Bagh Call Girls used to eat it in lunch,

Veg Japanese Curry:- This gives you the test of Curry like India, Just as you use spicy vegetarian curry in India, in the same way, Japanese people also use it for food, But the Japanese curry uses butter instead of oil, These people use less masala, so their taste separates slightly from India's curry, But you can eat it without hesitation because it does not use any kind of meat, You can also eat it with rice and bread, but you will get a different type of bread in Japan, The bread here is quite thick, which is cooked by the round by the hand, But nowadays due to globalization, Indian cooks are also getting there which will give you the taste of Indian food, But such a system will not be available to you everywhere,                

Dango-This is a type of rice dish, which is truncated with cooked rice and fried with butter, You can also mix the vegetable in it, it becomes even more tasty,

Yaki onigiri:- A superb and delicious dish made by baked rice, which is very common in Japanese, It is also a favorite dish of the top stones coming from outside, because it is completely veg, So you can eat it well, because the keyword girl told me that it is very tasty, You can serve it with Japanese pickles,

Umeboshi Onigiri:- Another food made by rice that you will find in every restaurant in Japan, It is prepared by filling the vegetable, sauce or spice inside cooked rice, You can also eat it by light or deep frying it is a good taste food,

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Now let us tell you about the tourist place in the next article, until then Good Night, But you do not forget to give your precious feedback, because it is very important for us,

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