The story of a ghost that happened with me

The story of a ghost that happened with me


One day I was  sitting with the girls of Aerocity Escorts in the park at evenig,the park was almost empty, I was enjoying that’s moment with the girls of Aerocity Escorts service, We both were joking about each other that suddenly one voice came out, It was a weird voice, as if a man was whispering, I say to Aerocity Escorts girl for see, she goes out and come after 5 minutes, she was very fear, I ask what happen, why are you fear, the voice is not coming out from her mouth, She was stuck with me and she was breathing heavily. When she got something normal, I asked what happened, why you were so scared, she ask me, I saw a ghost, I say what, When I went out there was no one, but the voice was coming and then something seemed like someone, so I was scared, I understood that there was something, but I said to remove his fear that you have become misconception, there can not be a ghost here, In a while it became completely normal, Because both of us had come home and when we came home, her fear was over, We both went to the food table, and then we started talking about the two, which had happened in the park today. And she ask me , have you seen ghost?, I said yes, I have seen in my village, she jump like children and  began to insist on telling the story, On being very insincere, I started to hear the story that happened to me in my childhood.


Story of the ghost in my childhood.


I don’t know what was that’s, it’s was real , imagine or vanity, but something was definitely, it wasd the month of February, I was in class 10 my board and Examination center 10 kilometer away from my village, And the exam was to begin at 9 o'clock, because it was the first day it was necessary to reach at 8 o'clock and  Due to being rural area, there was no facility of vehicle, So I got out of the house at 4 o'clock in morning, I was alone, Because all my companions had reached the center a day earlier, The farm starts only after leaving the village, the road was ripe but the rural area road is very broken, so aside from the road and   going from the farms footpath, after going a few step, I feel , some body is following me, I looked back, but no body are there, I thought, maybe it's the sound of my feet, But as soon as I grew up a little bit the same voice started again, If I stopped, the voice would also stop and if I walked then the voice started coming, I was scared, I looked around, no one was seeing, There was a sound of jackal being heard from a distance, Because of which I was scared too, Even during the winter months my whole body was sweated by sweating, and I started feeling urine too, My courage was answered, the courage to move forward was not happening, Some went away with some courage, suddenly a dog ran through me ahead, I screamed loudly and fall  into the farm by fear, Because it was dark and I did not see the dog. I thought there was a ghost, I felt that my life was gone, And if you are feeling frightened then you will be afraid of all sides, I was the same with me, I saw the clock, it was 4:30 o'clock, There were still 2 hours to sunrise, and I had to reach the center by 8 o'clock, If I looked up the sight, then another incident happened. A tree was visible at some distance, which seemed to be growing continuously, I was surprised how a tree could grow so fast, I had started to remember a story told by old people, they had said that the witch would sometimes become a tree too. In my eyes the shadow of the witch started, I thought I would fall down, When you are scared of something, you look at it carefully, I saw that the tree was very tall, But he was now slowly getting smaller, I thought something strange, Then I remembered that he was a sand crane in the river, I began to laugh at myself and  scared was goes on, But the first mystery was not solved, I was wondering , who was, who following me, I asked the Aerocity Call Girls, tell you which can be?, The keyword girl was very scared to hear my story and was not getting the sound from her mouth,  then I tell to keyword key, they was a ghost, she told me , what, I tell yes, listen, after some walk away,I found a man , I thought he  was from a nearby village, he asked me where are you going to early morning, I said , I going to for examination, he said, are you come from the farms footpath, I said yes, he said, do go back again from this footpath, because this is ghost area and  on the night, they wander there, so don’t go back again, I said ok, and I started to walk after few second , I turned backwards, to ask something, He disappeared, I shocked , Abruptly disappeared, I had understood that he was the ghost who followed me. My fear was over, I quickly started to go to the center

Escort In Aerocity was surprised to hear the whole story, But she enjoyed it very much, and she looked scared during the whole story, Then I started joking with the Escorts In Aerocity girl, now she was normal, then me and Escort In Aerocity girls starting enjoying on the bed.


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